Modern Oracle Tarot

Free Reading offer: click here for details
in-person, video, and party tarot will be closed April 27, 2018 in solidarity with student observances of the 19th  “day of silence” an annual event to raise awareness of lgbtq harrassment and bias in schools.  I will not do any spoken readings that day in alliance with their peaceful protest and memory of my long time school friend, roger c harmon

As featured on “Empire Radio Now Professional’s Roundtable” and KDKA “Best ‘Fortune Tellers’ in Pittsburgh”   25+ years experience 

Click HERE for Distance Tarot Readings (my specialty)


  • Tarot Readings by e-mail, video download, virtual pen-and-ink
  • Secure purchase through Quirk & Flotsam Etsy shop
  • $5 to $35  flat rate – know your full cost up front.
  • Distance Tarot is my specialty. Get the exact SAME reading as you would get  in person. How? Read more HERE
  • E-mail Tarot = photo of your cards and detailed written interpretation
  • Video Tarot = link to download a recorded video of your cards and interpretation
  • “Digital InkMagick” = e-mailed attachment of digitized handwritten Tarot reading illustrated with customized sigil (symbol) Paper version by traditional mail also available.

Party Tarot or Individual Readings (by appointment only)

  • 412-206-9171 OR to schedule.
  • Party Tarot information click HERE
  • Individual session information click HERE
  • Select Pittsburgh area (South Hills)  locations
  • City of Pittsburgh: business and charity events only
  • Phone and Skype readings have been discontinued
  • NO free phone samples. Special offers and discounts are HERE

The Fine Print
Please read: Contacting me indicates that you accept the terms and conditions as stated on the policy page.
The tarot readings provided here and on are customized, ephemeral folk art created as  a service to you. They do not predict the future in any way. All readings are for entertainment and personal enrichment only, Readings can not substitute for professional health care, psychiatric, counseling, or ministerial services. Readings are provided as-is with no refunds or exchanges. No liability real or implied is accepted under any circumstances. Caveat emptor. Payment due at time of services, Cash and PayPal accepted for in person readings & parties. All distance readings purchased through Quirk & Flotsam are subject to the terms and agreements of as stated by them.  Must be age 18 or over to schedule live appearances. Age appropriate readings available to young party guests with adult permission. Under 18 always get parent/guardian permission before ordering online. Closed Sundays and U.S. holidays. Contacting me indicates agreement with this statement and all of the policies listed  here

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