Knight of Wands 3/10

Knight of wands…

It isn’t hard to figure out the symbolism of a knight card: brave, chivalrous, honor, action…the warrior

Comboine that with the spirituality and personal growth of the wands suite and we have the obvious…calm confidence.

Self-confidence is a different thing than arrogance. Self-confidence is tempered with compassion, and respect for others. Arrogance is ego unleashed.

If what is given is received tenfold…which is the greater ethic?

There is no harm in self-confidence…especially when that self-confidence gives rise to creativity, survival, adaptation, and so much more.

There is great harm in arrogance, which gives rise to bigotry, even destruction.

We often associate wands with magic. Tarot thinks of it of magic of self…transforming yourself into a better person. The magic of seeing the wonder of life, existence, , the universe.

Use the wand of self-transformation bravely, with confidence…and see the good you can do, the wonder you can become.