Great Expectations

I really enjoy doing readings, and parties are especially fun. You get to meet people, and do a wide range of readings all in one go.

Sometimes I honestly wonder what people are thinking though. One lady I read for a while ago was disgruntled that I hadn’t seen every detail of every problem in her life…things she deliberately wouldn’t talk about as an obvious “test”.  At the end of the reading, she spewed all the problems that I “didn’t see” – and all the advice I’d just written down for her from the cards was right there in front of us, and right on target for the issues at hand. I don’t know if she saw that later or not…her choice whether she did or not. I believe that the important lessons and messages are self-regulating. The most important messages come through, no matter what other things you are expecting / hoping for & the message will wonk itself over your head eventually, no matter how you try to skate around it.

“I don’t know, you tell me” is usually a good indicator of a closed door…closed mind kind of reading. You never know, so you have to give what you get in good faith anyway, but I always just figure the guarded, defensive, almost angry attitude is just part of the learning process…it isn’t personal. They might not hear this time, but it might plant a seed of learning for later.  Oh well.

I have to hand it to John Edward, the medium, not the politician, for being so open about how this all works. “Leave your expectations at the door” is GREAT advice, for reader and sitter alike.

But sometimes I’m honestly curious what other people think. I know what my boundaries and abilities are after all these years as a working psychic. I know what “psychics” and “predictions” can and can’t do based on that experience. But not everyone has that reference background.

Seriously…if any of you want to post a comment or email one to…I’d be really interested in other points of view. You can’t learn anything by sticking your head in the sand or in some kind of one-note echo chamber. What is it you want and expect from a good psychic reading? Advice about what to do next? Some kind of exact prediction of what will happen no matter what you do? Do you want someone to boss you around so you don’t have to think or work, or someone to support and uplift and empower what you do and what you decide?

Personally, I like the wild wild west motif of psychic work…don’t tell me what to do…don’t tell me something is predicted and certain if there are still other options…I don’t want to be bossed around by a psychic. That is why I won’t boss around other people. I want to empower people and treat them like adults who can decide for themselves. Even children want choice and autonomy. That is what I always try to give in my readings…choice, empowerment, support, & alternatives.

My job isn’t to see what you’re deliberately not telling me. My job is to help you see a way past whatever-it-is.

But that’s just me.

Wishing you independence and empowered choices