Daily Meditation – Queen of Swords

Consider the magnet. It repels some things, attracts others, both of equal strength. Other things, there is no interaction at all.

The traditional meaning from some sources for the Queen of Swords is mystical power. I view this in an interactive sort of way… not the personal power or growth of self you might see with a wands card, but more of a how-you-get-along-with-the-universe sort of way. The power and magic of our connection to the cosmos and our environment/culture might be one way of looking at it. There is a lot of overlap and similarity between the 2 of swords and the queen of swords when you look at this particular aspect of the cards.

2 is the connection…queen is how you relate to that connection and what you do with it. The queen card draws in facets of wisdom, and judgement where the 2 is more discovery, and learning.

The 2 of swords is the connection, the queen of swords is how we deal with that connection.

It takes the wisdom and good judgement and a healthy dose of foresight to know which sort of mystical power to apply to any given question or situation. We know that our intent, wishes, actions, omissions, and words are all intimately and holistically connected to both the grand arc of the cosmos as well as our immediate environment & relationships. There is choice…do we attract (yin, right brain, spiritual law of attraction, etc.) or do we act (yang, left brain, hunting instinct, “god helps those who help themselves”, etc), or neutral (wait, watch, observe, consider, etc). Sometimes that choice is made through logic, and sometimes through pure instinct. Luckily it is an easy choice…either way is right, with a lesson at the end of whichever path we choose.

Such is the mystical power found in our connection with the universe. Whether we choose to draw in, push outward or neither, something will come of it – either a life-lesson or a wish fulfilled.