If this is an eeentsieth as good as her blog, it is a guaranteed smile! Can’t wait to read it!

Alena Dillon


Friends, the day I’ve been waiting 26.9 years for is finally here. My debut book is out! So, HAPPY BOOK RELEASE DAY TO YOU AND YOURS!! But mostly, to me. Want to get me a present? Order the book!

And here’s my present to you:

Share this  Amazon link on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you kids virtually communicate these days), leave a comment here stating how many places you posted, and that’s how many tickets with your name I’ll submit into the drawing for…..

THE BOOK PACKAGE GIVEAWAY (giveaway… giveaway… giveaway)

This is an exclusive giveaway for my blog readers. The package includes a signed copy of my humor collection I Thought We Agreed to Pee in the Ocean: And Other Amusings From a Girl Wearing Sweatpants, Pee In the Ocean bookmarks, and Pee in the Ocean pens, shipped directly to your door. I’ll…

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