Psychic Gifts and Predictions – by Joy Star

Who is a Naturally Gifted Psychic?

Are some people pre-disposed to being more intuitive or psychic than others?

And what level of mind or which multi-dimensional self should receive credit for being psychic?

written by Joy Star

Let’s start with the second question first.  I believe we exist on multi-dimensional levels and that there are various versions of our self… up to 12 levels of consciousness or mind.  That’s quite a statement right off the bat–and I realize that.

Why 12 and how do I prove this?  I don’t know how I know but I seem to know and I cannot prove it.

So from this point forward, you will need to take the rest of what I say on faith or better yet tune into your own intuitive discernment while you read to see if this feels right.

So continuing now, let’s use the examples of alternate or parallel realities.  Whatever decision we may make or action that we may take in any given moment has various potential outcomes.

This last statement leads us into areas of quantum physics and rather than explain it here, I’d refer you to the work of quantum physicists and various books and documentaries.  One popular documentary type film is the famous flick, “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  You could start at that point by viewing the movie (available on Netflix and most video stores or maybe it can now be viewed entirely online).

That film will give you a starting point by opening up your mind to the idea of potential outcomes.  My own theory is that we exist on 12 levels at once and there are various versions of our self-acting life out at various and sometimes at simultaneous times.


This may be a side trip down my own rabbit hole but my personal intuition produces this type of scenario when I look at future potential outcomes of situations.  To me, in my own life, these appear like doorways to various realities or potentialities; yet it is me who has some choice as to whether to walk into that reality or not.

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “I reject this reality and substitute another” then what I’m referring to is similar to that.

I have spontaneously found myself saying, at certain pivotal points in my life, “No!  I do not accept that reality” and substituting the alternative possibility instead.

Intuitively, I feel like I have the option of closing the door to that reality and opening an going through an alternative door so-to-speak which is rejecting one reality and opening to and entering a different one.  So this is just a side point that I wanted to make about the multi-dimensionality of our reality or our consciousness.

Within the mansion of our consciousness there are many rooms, many realities.

So to get back to the question of which level of mind should be receiving the credit for being psychic (the question posed was this:  if we are not the ones getting the information, and if it comes from a higher source, then how is it that we hear some people have a gift of being naturally psychic?)

I would answer this, again, by the fact that ‘who we are’ exists on more than this dimensional reality—the “higher self” should be plural, selves.  So the higher dimensional you is connecting with the information and also tapping into the possible and probable current and future outcomes.

Predicting Future

The fault of future predictions failing come about as various choices are made which differ from the most likely or probable reality.  Again, within the mansion there are many rooms, possibilities and realities.  There is one particular scene in the movie, “What the Bleep…” which shows a child on a basketball court which, if memory serves correct, is a good visual for what I’m saying here.

I would add that the idea that there is a separate you who is either psychic or not is probably one in which is causing the confusion.  There is no separate you, apart from the cosmos as a whole; so once this can be conceptualized and understood, the question itself goes away, dissolves.

Everyone is Psychic 

Additionally, everyone is psychic because psychic is a reality that is present for everyone to connect to or enter into; it is there just as the wave is there as part of the ocean.  A wave that thinks is is not part of the ocean is like a like a human who thinks he/she is not psychic; in either case there is the misconception of a separation that is not possible.

Are some more predisposed to being psychic than others? 

Are some people more predisposed?  Possibly, and we can see this in a natal chart or how one moves in that direction of interest via transits and progressions as the soul evolves—so astrologically we can see those signatures in a chart.

Yet, and again, the whole psychic path is like one of those reality doors or doorways or openings to various realities. Choice!

So the ones who have come to my psychic class, for example, would have chosen to enter into that reality or experience. Others choose a different reality perhaps haven seen the doorway and taken another path.  It’s there always as everything is connection and there is no separation.

There are no clear yes/no answers to the question because both yes and no are true.

But what about people having ‘a gift’? 

I always cringe when I hear the word “gift” when associated with psychic development—it is a reality that was in some way and for some reason chosen but it is available to all.

Some may have chosen this reality more than once (meaning more than one lifetime or perhaps as we refer to this acknowledging the ‘simultaneous NOW’ in more than one life which are all happening at the same time) and therefore we have various levels of mind who have or who are doing the ‘been there done that’ with the whole psychic development thing… and here I would have to interject an apology for the words I am using are pretty crude, unsophisticated and non-scientific, but hopefully the idea or the point is being somehow conveyed.

Mind is vast and within Mind (with a capital M) there are many rooms, many realities, many possibilities and we are connected to the One Mind.  Like one of my teachers once said, “There are no secrets in the universe; there is only limited consciousness”.

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