No. Just No

Even though tarot is an excellent tool for stress reduction, personal growth, spiritual learning and just plain entertainment – sometimes it is just the wrong thing to do. Sometimes intuition is the best part of our brain to use…other times we have to use reason, judgement, and above all DO the right thing. That goes for the Tarot reader too. I rather pass on a paid reading than participate in something I see as wrong, even if Tarot IS just “entertainment”. My intention in doing readings is to uplift, inspire, empower, and above all to be honest. If you approach Tarot as a healing thing, then you have to bring the ethics of a healer to your readings. Most of the time, honesty and inspiration comes in normal, no-drama conversation. On some rare occasions honesty has to come in a harsher form for the message to be heard. Like a parent who raises their voice to get the attention of a child, this reading needed some extra formatting to get the message through to someone who didn’t seem to get it several times before.

Q: I’ve taken the USMLE twice before and failed. I have to pass this time. I know that sometimes the test is easier than others. I have a few options about testing centers and dates. I need you to tell me which one will be the easiest. I can choose between _____ at_____, ______at _____, and ______at ________. Which should I choose this time?

A:  Are you kidding me?!

You want to sit for MEDICAL LICENSING EXAMS based on the advice of a random internet psychic? You want to be a DOCTOR but you are trying to GAME THE SYSTEM to get an easier test?! I would not go to a doctor that thinks that way, whether you are trying to weasel out of a hard test using a psychic or something else.

WHETHER YOU PASS OR NOT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU KNOW AND HOW WELL YOU HAVE PREPARED. Period. End of discussion. If you think otherwise, then you shouldn’t be sitting for a medical license.

This is the second time you have asked me about USMLE, and the third or fourth time you’ve asked me to predict what will happen with tests and interviews. YOU have to do the WORK. YOU have to prepare. YOU have to know the material.

Tarot can help in a lot of ways, but I’m not going to help you keep thinking that your MLE is anyone’s responsibility but your own. I’ve told you several times already that I don’t do predictions, and I’m not going to answer any more questions from you asking for one. If you haven’t heard that by now, we just are not a good match to work together. I suggest you focus on your test, and your real-world responsibilities. In the future, if you want to work with a psychic again, I’m sorry, but you will have to find someone else.