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You are here. Where-ever you are, you are HERE…you are part of the universe. Or universes. You are part-and-parcel of all that is…however you define that all-ness to be.

Now connect that with what we were talking about before, with multiple dimensions and multiple universes. Higher dimensions are closer to you than one cell is close to the next cell in your body. Time is considered the fourth dimension…point to time. You can’t point to it, but it is there. You experience it. You sense it with something equally mysterious, equally unseen, and equally integrated into the one-ness of our existence… our mind. You can’t escape time. Other dimensions are just as close and integrated as the dimension of time.

What if…

What if those intimately connected higher dimensions also are knit into other three-dimensional universes…the “multiverse” created by our choices like we imagined last time. What if some mind-sense of those dimensions (like we mind-sense time) allows us to sense our best choices?

Shakespeare said that a “rose by any other name would smell as sweet” or something like that. What if we named higher dimension “spirit” and our sense of higher dimensions “psychic gifts” or “intuition”? I believe this is exactly what is going on. There is nothing occult, evil, divine or super-natural about all this. It is Nature, and natural, no matter what label we hang on it.

You are here. You are part of that Nature, the all-universe everything. We are a part of it all like a drop of water is part of the ocean. Imagine this: pour a teaspoon of water into a glass of water and stir…now get back that exact teaspoon of water. Not just any old water molecules…the exact and precise collection of atoms that you poured in. THAT is how intimately integrated we with the cosmos and with the higher dimensions that bind it all together. Everyone who is part of the universe is psychic to one extent or another. Everyone is connected and a part of existence. Everyone can sense. Everyone has intuition.

Intuition is Stuff We All Get.

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Psychic Gifts and Predictions  by Joy Star

Psychic Gifts and Predictions – Time, Space and Parallel Universes