Tarotbytes – King of Coins

chinese coins

Money is a touchy, emotion-heavy topic, but the King of Coins is a card that asks the hard questions about how we relate to money, career and wealth. Money is a tool to get what we need to live, the same as cavemen used stones, bows, and other tools to get and make what they needed to survive in the past.

The King of Coins symbolizes how we are the administrator of our physical resources. Wanting more money in itself isn’t inherently wrong. The why behind our desire for money is sometimes the problem. Do you want more money because you need it for the basics of survival? Do you want more money to provide a better quality of life for yourself and your family? Do you want more money because it is a symbol and celebration of life? Or do you want more money to prove you are good at what you do, or worth while somehow. Or do you want more money because you are afraid of not having enough, or losing what you have? Not enough money is a scary thing – especially for those who have experienced (or are experiencing now) real need.

Part of the problem is that so much about money seems beyond our control. There has always been some level of uncertainty about wealth, life and bare survival. As it has been through the ages, we don’t know how the economy will turn, if anyone will buy or products and services or not, if the harvest will be enough, or when the next woolly mammoth will come along. Psychics and Tarot can not predict that exact future, but they can guide us in how we react to life, money and wealth situations as they come along. This card reminds us of the non-physical parts of money and wealth: survival, celebration, preparation, protection, fear, confidence, uncertainty, and generosity. It also reminds us to take a real-world pragmatic look at what we want, what we need and how to get it. The King of Coins touches us on the shoulder and reminds us to ask the hard questions, and to face the fears and joys of money in our physical-realm life.