Cyberspace Manifesto

“When you find yourself in a fury, the person you perceive as causing it is your greatest teacher at that moment.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Some discussions both here and on my other blogs has me thinking.

Some very troll-ish comments recently had me wondering why I even bother to blog at all. When I started blogging, I hoped it would both build my chances of starting a real business and build my writing skills. I think it has helped my writing, certainly, but it has done little to attract clients, so why continue? Maybe it is a signal to stop giving it away for free and concentrate on getting books published. Maybe it is time to chuck it all and go work in a box factory or something.

No. I enjoy blogging. That alone is reason enough to continue. Still, reflection, reassessment, and reevaluation are a necessary thing every now and again.

It is time for a re-set. I believe Tarot readers should be transparent about how they do things. I’ve done everything I can think of to do to make my websites and blogs as clear and up-front as possible. You know who I am as a Tarot reader and how I work from all the information pages under the “about” tab. Some things are worth re-saying every now and then. You just have to tend your fences sometimes.

The “Modern” in Modern Oracle

The days of small tribes and towns where everyone knows everyone are largely gone.  On the Internet, they don’t exist at all. Tarot never had to deal with the special considerations of online writing before now. Tarot readers have never reached audiences this large before, so we have to consider the consequences of what we say more than ever before. The Web really is World Wide. The up side is we can communicate across the globe and get to know people we never would have met otherwise. BUT there are still realities and limits to what can happen here. It is impossible to hand out “you should” kind of advice without getting to know a person in a holistic context. You can not know anyone well enough online to give certain kinds of advice. You certainly can’t comment on the thoughts and feelings of people who aren’t even involved in the online conversation (like in relationship readings). I will draw a hard line between cyberspace and “meatspace” (as Adam Savage calls it). There are real world problems that just aren’t meant to be handled online. I will not allow any post or reader comment to cross that line.

The other “modern” aspect is predictions…or the lack of them actually. When you consider the things we’ve been talking about like parallel universes, higher dimensions, collapsing probability waves, Shrodinger’s Cat, and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, believing in “accurate psychic predictions” over the power of choice is like believing in a flat Earth over the moon landing. A predictions is possible, just like finding a flat parking lot is possible – but it is only true in a very limited perspective. It isn’t the higher truth.  I will not make predictions or allow comments that do. Predictions – accurate or not – limit thinking. It plants a seed, directs intent, and robs a person of the fullest flowering of their individual choice. Who am I to say what will happen or what another person should or should not do?

It is humbling that anyone would come to me for advice or guidance. It is an equal honor that anyone would choose to read this blog. I will not violate that trust by making judgement or pronouncements or getting preachy about what people should or should not do. My job is to provide food for thought. My job is to give options, show possibilities, empower a person to choose and act under their own intuitive power. My job is to shine a light on a person’s life path, not limit, define or direct it in any way.

Cyberspace is, well, SPACE

Web sites and blog posts are places…just as much as a brick and mortar building. They may be made up of infinitesimal little blips of electromagnetic energy on a server in some air conditioned building who-knows-where, but they are a place nonetheless. Websites and blogs may be made up of energy and ideas, but they carry a tone, emotional atmosphere and appearance – an “energy” – the same as a “real world” room does. Everything written here affects that energy, sets that tone and feel. This is especially important in a blog about Tarot and Intuition. Folks who read this tend to be sensitive, intuitive, caring people (like YOU). It is my responsibility to protect that space. I will do everything in my power to make this a healing, uplifting, positive space. I will not knowingly allow any spam or comments that damage that calm. (Yes, that is a Firefly reference, but I mean it too)

The Internet is a communication tool

It is my way of communicating with you…AND you are welcome to communicate with me. I welcome comments. All of them. Especially the ones that challenge what I write and say. It pushes me to grow and learn too. The best teachers I’ve had are the ones who are lifelong learners, too. I work the same way. Please don’t hesitate to comment. I read them all – but then I have to decide whether the conversation is appropriate to share or not. Communication is beneficial – but not always the right thing to publish to the world on the blog. Some conversations are best whispered in a corner, others need shouted in the town square. It is my responsibility to decide which is which in order to set and protect the tone and energy of Modern Oracle Tarot.

Welcome to the Blog Cabin

That is why I’ve created a variety of different blogs…to keep my readers as the top priority, and to set and to protect the tone and energy of each place. Each blog sets it’s own tone, and keeps its own topic in mind. and are the thoughtful, healing, safe, protected spaces. The Vampire Diet is all food, vampires, fun – and did I mention food? Baihu’s Haikus has an off-beat, artist’s studio sort of feel.  Browncoat Whovian Epiphany is my intellectual free-for-all, no holds barred, enter at your own risk, no discussion, take-it-or-leave-it private office space. You are welcome in all of those rooms, and now you know the floor plan & how it all works. Hello.