Clear Mind and Psychic Journaling by Joy Star

Here is another gem by my friend and mentor Joy Star. If you are interested, she is a genius at SOUL ASTROLOGY readings and is starting an online astrology class too.

From Joy Star: Earlier this week I wrote a BLOG on getting clear about the mind as it relates to ghosts and goblins.  It sort of goes along with the Halloween theme of this time of year anyway.  Then I got to thinking about the next step after we get that all straight.

The thing is that presence of mind is required to do psychic work.  Once we get clear about being present in the one available chair within the room of the mind (see blog post), what comes after that?

Nothing should need to–unless, that is, you should want to ask a specific question for yourself or on behalf of another (do a reading for someone).  There are a few ways one can begin this process once The Presence within has been established.

Sometimes with beginners there can be too many flashes or processes happening at once and so it is beneficial to slow the process down.  Of course, this should have already occurred to some extend during meditation and being fully present.

Once the mind is calm, quiet, and centered, a question is asked and sometimes people feel a rush of various kinds of informational energy all at once and it can be challenging to sort it out.  One way to do that is to slow it down and a way to slow it down is to work with writing.

We are accustomed already when we begin to write a letter to slowing the thoughts and filtering them in order to come up with one sentence at a time or at least one concept at a time when we are doing everyday writing–again, such as letter writing.
You can utilize this habit to start channeling.  Here are a few considerations to start this process:

  •  Try to work with inspirational writing (i.e. channeling) at the same time each day if possible.
  • After sitting quietly in meditation for a period of time and when the mind is centered and there is awareness of The Presence within, take your pen and notebook in hand.  NOTE: if it is not too distracting, one can open a writing program on the computer, but at first I’d suggest using pen and paper.
  •   You may like to ask a question, writing it at the top of the page.  Or you may prefer to just let what comes in simply come into the mind.
  • Begin to write even if it is only one word, such as the word “the”, just start the writing process and wait until the next thought comes.
  •  You will be learning to recognize the communication from spirit versus your own; at first write everything that comes to you and then observe it for vibrational quality and meaningful essence later.
  •  If nothing comes or if the flow of information stops, consider this normal and relax your pen in your hand and wait… learning to wait is so beneficial.  Observe you own interference at this time and this will enable you to know when something truly comes from higher mind and when ego interferes.
  • If you find yourself thinking too much about the process itself, just stop and breathe and relax… start over again.
  • You may receive pages of communication or maybe just a sentence or two.  Just be okay with whatever it is that does happen.  Be content to allow your hand to sit relaxed on the paper as long as it takes if necessary.
  •  You may feel like you are imagining whatever it is that is happening; but remember that this is the part of the consciousness through which communication comes.
  • Don’t worry if the thoughts that come seem disconnected and never, ever worry about grammar or structure—keep your left brain out of that type of business!
  • Allot only a certain amount of time each day for this process (again at the same time of day if possible) in order for this process to occur and evolve.
  • Keep the communication together in a folder or notebook, dated as well.  You will find various guides communicate with you in different ways and for different reasons; and so through looking over a group of writings over a period of time, you will be able to detect a particular flow on one day that is different from the next which can be attributed to different guides coming to you.

In my own experience, there was one particular guide who always spoke in reference to nature, comparing things to rocks, trees, flowers, rivers and so on.  Very poetic actually.  In fact, if I asked that guide to address a mundane issue such as a difficulty at my job or an issue with one of my children, the answer always came woven with the wisdom of nature.  Another guide seemed to only address my spiritual evolution and soul matters and yet another spoke to me in terms of psychic development instruction.

The bottom line here is that one’s self must be accustomed to being fully present in that single chair in the room for any of this to be able to occur accurately and effectively.  If one cannot focus on The Presence of Mind, there is chaos and confusion; this is why meditation is so important if one wishes to have psychic development.

Please pass this newsletter on to others who you feel may benefit from this type of information.  If you have had readings with me in the past and feel comfortable recommending me to others, I very much appreciate this.  As many of you know, this work is my only source of income aside from meager social security benefits which hardly covers my monthly housing/rent.  Thanks so much.