Psychic Gifts and Predictions – Skill Set

I can do a good job painting a room. I can hammer a nail and use duct tape like Angus MacGyver. But can I fix the plumbing? No. Am I an electrician? No.

I have what it takes to learn to do those things. I could find a scholarship and tech school if I put enough effort into it. Could I? Yes. Would I be any good at if I put the effort into?  Maybe, probably. Do I want to do it? Noooooooo.

The same thing applies to “psychic gifts”, and Tarot readings. We all have intuition. Whether you believe intuition is a gift from divinity, a normal but esoteric part of the natural universe, or a survival edge that evolved as part of right-brain functioning, it is still universal. It is a gift, a skill, a state of being that we all posses.

Anyone can learn to tend a garden, or scramble an egg – but not everyone is a “Mr. Miyagi” or Julia Child. Anyone can learn to listen to their own intuition. Some people enjoy doing readings, some people don’t. Just because I can make beef stock doesn’t mean I want to make it.

We all have different strengths, skills, interests and talents. The same is true of psychics. It’s a little like that antacid commercial. A gifted physician may not be the best violin player.  My talent is putting my intuition into words in a way that helps other people using cards as a tool. Other people are mediums or channelers or prefer to use runes or palm lines as their tool of choice. I maybe could learn to be a mechanic, but it isn’t my passion, or my skill set. When my car needs fixed, I go to mechanic. When you need a little outside help hearing intuition, or seeing which way to go, I hope you’ll come to me, or someone with that talent and skill set.

Everyone’s skill set matters. If you want to add a better connection with your intuition to your skill set, I can help. If you want to consult with an intuition expert for just this one time, so you don’t have to learn intuition skills, I can help with that too. If you want your car fixed – sorry, can’t help you there.

Here is to everyone’s diverse talents! Celebrate your skill set – and consult with other skill sets as you need.