Crazy 8s


Was playing crazy 8s with the family…and had a thought. Intent really is the whole ball of wax when it comes to intuition, psychic knowing, the paranormal – magic if you’ll allow me that.

Joy taught me a card spread once – where you hold a question in mind as you shuffle, then turn the cards over one by one into three piles of 13, but if you get an ace stop and move on to the next pile…

Then you get a yes or no answer based on the aces showing….

3 aces = yes

2 aces = maybe, leaning yes

1 ace = maybe, leaning no

0 aces = no

You could do the same thing with regular playing cards if have Triskadekaphobia (fear of the number 13) or no tarot cards close at hand. Use the aces if you like. or I thought 8s would be fun, because of the game – and to my way of thinking “yes or no” predictions like this are very much just for yucks and chuckles, not for serious life guidance or decisions.

8 is a connected, meaningful choice – as much as aces. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of using 8 instead of ace. Ace has its own symbolism, meaning within the deck, and I’m sure there were reasons why aces were chosen in this particular card spread (it seems to be traditional, its origins lost. I think Joy said it was taught to her by a spiritualist minister / teacher).

For some 8 is unity, a sign of harmony of opposites. 8 is a good-luck number in Chinese culture, symbolizing abundance. The word for eight, “ba” sounds like “fa” part of the word for wealth (per  88 resembles the Chinese symbol “double happiness”. In western numerology it is often associated with wealth and power, but also with balance…a balance involving both “material and immaterial” ( 8 is as good of a choice as anything for doing a fun card reading, and cards are as good as anything else for tapping into our own innate natural intuition.

For an added boost of 8-ness, shuffle 8 times while thinking of your question, and then deal three stacks stopping at any 8s that turn up.

Just for kicks….

Will the Penguins win the 2014 stanley cup – maybe, leaning yes (of course!)

Will the Steelers win the 2014 Super Bowl – yes – (seriously?)

Anyway – give it a try. Pick a single digit number or a face card that you love (just don’t pick Jokers since there are only two). Pick a single digit from your birthday, address or anything that has meaning for you. Use the same number of shuffles as you hold your question in mind. Any are valid, even 1. 1 shuffle seems brash, brave, and not enough…but maybe 1 is teaching you courage. In any case, by picking your number, you make the reading your own, connect with it more strongly. That connection will help you learn from the reading, and see symbolism in ALL three showing cards (like we do in the yes/no readings here….(click ‘get your reading above to get your own yes/no three card detail reading)

Either way, have fun with it! Good luck to the Pens and Steelers!