Many Thanks

It’s no coincidence I suppose that Halloween and Thanksgiving (both Canadian and American) are this time of year. Harvest is the time for gratitude certainly.

Thank you to my husband for taking my daughter to the neighborhood Halloween Parade so I could volunteer at the library….and thank you to the lovely vivacious women who came to the Intuition Building workshop at the Bridgeville library this past Saturday.

Thank you to our neighbors Bob, Veronica, Andy, Julia and Jane who helped make Saturday afternoon fun!

Thank you to everyone who organized and donated to the Halloween Parade – Everyone in “Birdland” loves what you do!

Thank you to Soergals Orchard for their lovely and charming Fall Festival!

Thank you to Joy Star for her inspiring blog

Thank you Pam of PaBlam! for always remembering to mention The Vampire Diet menu plan, even when I forget to link up to hers (and all the other nifty stuff she finds and brings to our attention)

Thank you to Jill Brammer Ware for her beautiful artwork and allowing me to use it on the cover of the Tarot book I’m working on (more about that soon)

Thank you to Sahm Ataine King for giving me a copy of L’aria Onyx to review. Am reading slower than expected only because each poem is something to savor and consider.

And especially thank you to everyone who reads Modern Oracle or any of the other blogs. You make my day by reading this. Thanks  😀