Happy November


Hope everyone who celebrates Halloween had a happy one yesterday. I spent the morning at the garage waiting on some car maintenance, and the afternoon baking “brain cakes” (red velvet cupcakes with squiggly grey frosting on to to look like a brain) for my little zombie and a big bubbling crock pot of “pumpkin puke soup” for the the big not-so-zombie that went trick or treating with her. As usual I slapped on my pointy witches cap and manned the cauldron of candy at home.

There was only one entry for the free reading – sort of. ljtrotter (did you get to dress up as a gypsy for Halloween?) was our only respondent, so the reading is yours if you want it, or if it is too soon after the last one, no worries. I agree with author Ted Andrews that readings shouldn’t be too frequent, and we all should follow our feelings about when they are needed. Good question that – how often to get a reading. Will have to give it some thought for future posting.

Due to the thundering lack of interest, am putting the free reading “contest” on hold until after the New Year. If you are interested in bringing it back, please let me know. Or if there are any other features you’d like to see here on the blog, or if you have questions about Tarot / psychics / intuition, please let me know. I’ve put one of the handy-dandy new contact forms at the end of this post for you to use – eesy peesy.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that pile of fun size snickers 😉