Flashlight – L’aria Onxy by Sahm Ataine King

Next will be no surprise for those of you who follow “Baihu’s Haikus”. I’m a huge fan of Sahm Ataine King’s writing, poetry and art. I’m still fan-girl geeked out that he allowed me to use “Mephistoeles” in a recent post on the Devil card. So when he offered a free copy of his poetry collection, L’aria Onyx, to anyone willing to write a review for it…I pounced on the opportunity.

L’aria Onyx” is available on amazon.com for Kindle, or if you need non-kindle version, it is also available on Smashwords.

Maybe I’m missing something technically, but Amazon and Smashwords don’t allow reviews based on a gift copy. So lucky you…you get to read the review instead!

L’aria Onyx by Sahm Ataine King:

If you like your poetry full of rhyme schemes and unicorns, this is
may not be the collection for you. If you want poetry that pauses a
moment on the surface, then sinks in to wrap around your bones
and beat with the rhythm of your own heart, then L’aria Onxy is
ideal. While it is clearly intended for an adult audience, calling
Mr. King’s poetry dark or edgy is far too cliche. This work is visceral,
visual, evocative stream of consciousness. Like any natural stream, the
collection meanders narrow and wide, straight and curved touching
on both the playful and the profound. L’aria Onyx will challenge your
vocabulary, stretch your intellect, and touch emotions you may not
have known you have.

Two thumbs and all other available digits up for L’aria Onyx.