Flashlight – TED Talk with Dong Joo Wong

I have two very cool things to share with you today:

One of my favorite things in the world is TED talks. Every time I watch one, I end up feeling inspired, happy, intellectually satisfied and a little more hopeful about the human race than before the talk began. Please, I encourage you to visit www.ted.com and indulge. They have so many talks and topics there really is something there for everyone.

In fact, I just watched one this morning. By a 15 year old. It is remarkable enough what Dong Joo Wong has done teaching himself traditional bow making in the middle of Seoul, South Korea, but the jaw-dropping part is how someone so young found the truth hidden in it…the life-metaphor that made his talk associate to everyone. I agree with him. A good world would be, like the fibers in a bow, a world where “the strong are flexible and the vulnerable are resilient”, working together to make good things happen for the whole. I can’t begin to distill it here for you (maybe that is why TED talks are so irresistible…they already are the distilled essence of amazing). Here is the link to the video itself. I highly recommend it.