I want to learn something new.

I want to learn about light, optics and lasers. Light is both a thing and symbol of tremendous importance. Being a visual creature by nature, I like light…I like to see things instead of just hearing them for the most part. Maybe it’s just because I’m a child of the music video era when MTV first existed and actually played music videos … we watched music. Maybe it is because Real Genius is one of my favorite movies (although I didn’t watch until years after it was released – in 1985 I was in college sort of living it in our own medical way). Lasers are cool.

So are rainbows. Spectra are one of those concepts that explain the world in a penetrating, and ubiquitous way, the same as the yin-yang concepts and oneness concepts of Taoism are both profound and everywhere. Light is both literally and philosophically a very good thing. “Light” being part of the word “enlightenment” is neither coincidental nor trivial.

In the modern era, light is more accessible to mankind than ever before. Flashlights, electric lights, reflectors, lasers, LED holiday lights and glow-in-the-dark tatoos. Light is modern, and part of the Modern Oracle philosophy.

Think of a path in the woods at night. Light doesn’t tell you what to do. Light doesn’t let you see what is around the next corner. But light CAN show you what is around you so know what your options are. Light shows where you’ve been and the different directions you can possibly go. Light keeps the fear and uncertainty at bay, and maybe scares of the bad-nasties a little bit. Tarot doesn’t predict the future…it shines a light in the darkness and makes walking your life path a little easier and a little less intimidating. The light shows you options, tools at hand, choices to make that you might have missed otherwise. Tarot is night vision goggles  … a tool to help you see a little better than you could have otherwise.

Ever see one of those “ghost hunting” shows? Light is connected with spirit through “orbs”, shadows, even the infrared and full spectrum cameras they use. Moonlight is magic. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Light is a metaphor for so many things.

So in the spirit of that model, I’m re-christening my review posts and fan-girl rants “Flashlight” instead of “Shelf Light”. It makes more sense, and is less restricted. You can shine a flashlight on anything and show how interesting it is, no shelf required. “Spotlight” has become a bit cliche, and my expertise on the things I review might be limited, plus only one post isn’t a way to really understand something…so the “flash” part seems extra appropriate.

I have two pretty cool things I’d like to show you, stay tuned….