Q&A: Fresh start with ex-boyfriend

From the archives.

Q: I broke up with my boyfriend some months back. Is there any chance of fixing things up or getting a fresh start in the future?

A: Before we get to your reading, I have a serious question and some difficult ideas for you to consider – hang in with me and we’ll do a quick reading at the end.

Let me ask you this…how would you feel if you found out that someone asked a psychic to tell them how you feel and what you are planning to do – behind your back and without your permission?
I really do understand the emotions of your situation. I’ve asked psychics pretty much the same question that you just asked. And I’m sorry I did. Now that I know more, I see it wasn’t the best, most compassionate thing to do.
If I found out someone asked a psychic how I felt about them, or what I wanted from an intimate relationship, I’d be furious. I’d feel betrayed. I’d feel like the person asking the psychic about me didn’t love or trust me enough to talk to me directly. Who am I to do something like that to someone else, whether they ever find out about it or not.
As I’ve learned to do readings, I’ve learned there is a better way. In the long run, the more compassionate, better way to do things. The better way is look at what you can do to bring your best to the relationship. The better way is to empower you to make good choices, to do the right thing, to live strong no matter what happens to the relationship in the end.
So how do we do THAT? Well, that’s where the tarot comes in. Tarot and intuition can help you find that better way.
Have you ever heard the old saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. It is the same thing here. If we use Tarot to help you find a better future, that’s more important than PREDICTING one future over another.
That being said, let’s pull a card and see how it applies to you, and life in general.
The card is the nine of cups which has to do with “a good end” “a project ending well” or something “coming to fruition”…
There is a feeling of “what’s done is done”. What in your life is “done”, and what do you need to finish? There is the mental image of lemons. I don’t know if that has any particular meaning for you, but I get a sense of another old saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. Also “Play the cards you are dealt” comes to mind. In other words, pay attention to the here and now, and make the most of what you actually have to move in a better direction. Endings aren’t always bad. Think of the sense of accomplishment … not that ending a reading is an accomplishment. But think of how you felt when you finished something that was a lot of hard work. You learned from the experience and came out the other side feeling better about yourself. What in your life now do you need to finish, learn from it, gain strength from it, and then move on to something better? Other cliches keep popping to mind, like “only an empty cup can be filled” and “when one door closes, another opens, and things like that.
I know that isn’t exactly what you were hoping to hear, but it is the message I get for you. I hope it helps a little, even though it stills leaves a lot in your hands as far as applying it to the relationship per se. It feels kind of like you are being given cosmic homework to do 😉
Good Luck and Best wishes to you!