Tarotbytes – The Hermit

“When I read this chapter of the Tao Te Ching, it reminds me that so much has happened before and so much will happen after this insignificant problem that I am having at this moment. I crave silence because that is the natural state of existence. ”

– Written by Amy Putkonen about Chapter 25 of the Tao Te Ching. For more lovely insights, please click HERE to visit Tao Te Ching Daily.

The Hermit card reminds me of the Eastern Sage, the wise man on a mountain or in a cave that gains wisdom by withdrawing from society.

Whether you think of the Hermit as a Merlin-like character or a bald guru-monk on a mountain, this card teaches the value of contemplation, meditation, or just plain down-time. Non-stop frenetic activity leads to burn out and stress…it is a hard way to find happiness. The Hermit card reminds us that it is more than OK to have some time alone, to have a lazy day, to take some time to think. It is hard to hear your inner Sage in a noisy room. Wisdom likes a calm environment.