Classic Tarotbytes – Queen of Wands


Pulled the Queen of Wands today. On a hunch, was led to this classic post from the archives. 

The queen of wands: Who cares for the caretaker?

Part of being a healer, be it with medicines, herbs, words, or oracles, is having good judgement.

Part of good judgement is knowing our limits. Sometimes a reader or a psychic need a moment to nurture themselves, recharge the batteries so to speak. Sometimes the reader needs guidance too.

Who is the reader’s reader? Sometimes it is another…two heads are better than one. Just like two eyes work together to see depth and detail…sometimes two “third eye” views serve the same purpose.

Sometimes the reader’s reader is the subtle dimensions directly. Sometimes the reader’s respite works like the tower card…where they withdraw from the daily activity, and go to a higher point of view to re-orient, plan, find inspiration.

Do you have to be a psychic or intuitive reader to do these things? No. Very often we turn our intuition outward, to help us navigate through life. On occasion it helps to turn out intuition inward…to listen to what our physical and emotional selves need to be nurtured, strong and healthy.

Is your mood or physical feeling telling you something? Listen. Even readers need readers sometimes. Even the strongest warriors need a good meal and a rest by fire. Even the greatest wizards kick their feet up with a warm cup of pumpkin juice every now and then, metaphorically speaking at least…

What is it your inner self is asking for today? A stretch? A walk in the sun? A nap? A bowl of chicken soup? A game? Inspiration? Grounding?

Wishing you a day of balancing and nourishing that lays the foundation for an even better tomorrow.