Elfcon 1 – 2013 edition

Happy Holidays

Everyone celebrates this time of year a little differently, and my way of doing things is a little off the big part of the bell curve (big surprise from a Tarot reader, eh?)

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but my family all does. I split the difference by going all Linus on the thing and revolting against the commercialism and hand-crafting the majority of our gifts. So I’m in the middle of that hustle to get things in the mail on time to our far-flung family. Not to mention indulging my compulsive need to bake cookies and make candy this time of year too. I want to try my hand at making toffee. Because – toffee! I leave chocolate to the pros, though.

Bohdi day is the 8th and the Solstice, of course is the 21st – both days I take a little extra time for meditation and stay totally off-line, so no posts or readings those two days this month.

Posts will be even irratic than usual – from now until the week after the 25. Then the hoopla will be pretty much in hand and I will have plenty of time for New Years readings if anyone is interested. I think the “Four Seasons” readings are perfect for New Years! It doesn’t make predictions, but it does give you sort of ‘road signs’ and good ideas for the year coming, one card for each of the coming seasons. If you would like a New Years reading, please don’t hesitate to order (click HERE for ordering instructions) – it might just take a smidge longer than usual to get it back to you. Thank you for your patience!