The Lovers and The Magician

From the archives:

Was browsing stats from the weekend, and noticed that a popular search term was “tarot lovers and magician”. Talk about your perfect couple! These two cards go together to make the law of attraction, the idea of spiritual manifestation. With creative visualization sprinkled on top.

The lovers card, is more about our deepest, most heartfelt desires. Often it is romance and intimate relationships that reach that magnitude, shadowing all other desires. But it can mean anything, any singular driving focus – a desire so great as to be almost a need.

The Magician is about manifestation…magic in its most real, most pure form. Like a rabbit out of a hat, how do we pull our desires out of imagination and into reality?

Entire books could be, and have been written about that simple idea…how do you get what you want out of life?

These two cards together ask us to be both profound and practical. The first step is the logical one…to get what you want, you have to decide what it is. Is the object of your desire a real need, or just smoke, mirrors, flash and fantasy?

After making the decision, it takes more to make it real than just thinking about it. DOing the real, logical, pragmatic things to move toward your desire is just as essential. There is work involved. Think of Wicca, and real earth-based magical practices…not the wand-waving and special effects book-and-movie magic. REAL magic takes work. A stage magician has to design the illusion, practice it, work at it. Witches cut herbs, annoint and carve candles, create alters and sacred places for their rituals, and so on. It takes work and doing. So does the symbolic and esoteric manifestation we are talking about here. Bringing about what you need takes both pragmatic real-world action, AND it takes mental/emotional focus that magic rituals, meditations, creative visualizations (like the ‘decision meditation‘ on this website. Magic takes work of both the practical and the symbolic variety.

Two cards, two steps, two important parts of one big idea. It takes decision plus action to add up to manifestation and attraction.