3 of Cups – a good card for the holiday season

3 of cups came up in a reading earlier today. The message for that reading is unrelated to this one…but it is remarkable how much the 3 of cups shows up this time of year.

It seems to me that celebration, appreciation of friends and family, feasting, hope and happiness are inherant to human nature. If we don’t have a holiday that reflects who we are, we will make one. Like Festivus. It’s fun. It’s silly. It represents the beating living heart of the holiday season just as well (perhaps better) than a nativity set or any other religious-ness).

Whenever you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate it…the 3 of cups reminds us TO celebrate…appreciate friends, family, life, light, hope, compassion…fun and playfulness too in my opinion. Being ponderous, self-rightous, dismissive of others, being too serious…those things diminish what we are celebrating, debase the spirit at the core of it all.

The 3 of cups is reminding us all to lighten the heck up. Remember to put the HAPPY in Happy Holidays this season.  If Christmas doesn’t make you happy, grab an aluminum pole and call it a Festivus Miracle.

“If you aren’t having fun, you’re not doing it right”