Playing the Snow Card – reprise

The weather lately brought this to mind – from the archives:

If there was a major arcana card for “Snow” (like there is for “Sun” and “moon”), what would it symbolize?

Transmutation springs to mind. Water is the only element that exists naturally in all three states…solid, liquid and gas.

Manifestation comes to mind…when something solidifies or crystallizes seemingly out of the blue. A bit like the Magician card a bit like frost and snowflakes.

Snow also echos the idea of stillness from the Queen of Cups…also a water element card. There is a quiet. from the baffling effect of the new-fluffy snow that gives a real and literal quiet to a snowy day. We naturally shelter, slow down…run to the store for bread, toilet paper and beer then settle in for the night…when we are told a snow storm is coming. Quiet is a natural association with snow. With quiet comes a sense of the spiritual, magical, meditative.

Wishing you a snow day, whatever the weather where you are.