Tarobytes: The Star


Appropriate for Christmas Eve, don’t you think? I know how importantly a star figures in the Christian mythology of Christmas…Happiest Holiday time to everyone, Christian, Secular, wherever, whatever holiday you celebrate (or not) time of year! May this be a time of peace and happiness, holiday or otherwise.

Diane Morgan defines this card as “hope and faith” in her lovely book “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao”. I want to call it Joy and Light tonight. No matter why you see star as a source of hope, no matter what you name the thing or condition that restores your hope and faith in life and mankind…it is the joy, faith, hope, compassion and happiness that matters….not the thing, certainly not the name.

A celebration, a gathering, a reason to seek light and love is sweet by any name. A star, a light in the darkness illuminates the same no matter what name you give it.