New Years Reading 2014 : Introduction


If you have access to it, I hope you will watch “The Science of Doctor Who” with Professor Brian Cox. I know – part of you might be thinking it is fiction, like the Doctor Who TV show, but it isn’t. It is Professor Cox (who is extremely cool by the way – the Carl Sagan of my generation in my opinion, right up there with Niel DeGrasse Tyson and Micheo Kaku) explaining the real-life science behind time and time travel. I know – another part of you is thinking that a science show is a real snooze. It isn’t. It is clear, understandable, and essential if you want to truly work with Tarot and psychic intuition.

My goal and hope for “Modern Oracle” is to show how science compliments intuition and vice versa. It really is a well-estabolished, time-honored, symbiotic relationship, yet many people still cling to the idea of “accurate predictions” or “predicting the future” with Tarot or any other psychic oracle. It is like clinging to the idea of a flat earth or denying the existance of gravity. There are certain realities that must be dealt with – cause and effect among them. Choice, intent, subtle energies, intention, attraction, learning, love and fun all play their part too – which makes cause and effect harder to see and gives us the power to actively participate in creating our future rather than helplessly, passivley “predicting” it. I’m with James Careville when he would rather “affect than predict”.

Which begs the question why do I even DO a “New Years” reading? Isn’t that all about predictions for the new year?

No, it isn’t.

“New Years” readings…or as I call them “Four Seasons” readings aren’t about predictions. They are roadsigns. They are navagation points from a spiritual gps system. They are a heads up from inter-dimensional knowing like a direct feed from your own personal traffic helicopter during rush hour. The images, words and ideas that come through are within the “cone of possibility” that Dr. Cox speaks about…but whether you go to that point within the cone is up to you, under your influence, through your choices.

The reading for 2014 I’d like to do today is, by necessity, a general one. I like to think it is a Tarot reading for the globe…or at least for the United States (since that is where I live, and that energy is easiest for me to tune in to see and hear).

If you would like to have a reading that is for you, and you alone they are always available. It doesn’t matter what time of year you get the reading. That is precisely why I set it up by season…you can begin at any point in the circle of the year, and the reading makes sense. So it may be the calendar new year, Samhain, April Fools Day, the Vernal Equinox, a birthday, an anniversary…any day…any meaningful moment wher you are feeling both retrospective and forward thinking as we often do this time of year. Click HERE to order. Easy-peezy.

And now for the cards for 2014

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