New Years Reading 2014: The Cards

In the “Four Seasons” layout, each card is an idea or theme for each of the next four seasons to come, no matter which point in the circle of the year the reading occurs. It is appropriate for any meaningful occasion that tends to make us look forward: Holidays, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, anything. Since it is now winter, the first card will be assigned to the next season, spring and so on. Since is early in winter, we could have read the first card as this season, but intutively it feels more ‘right’ this way, as the last card feels more attached to next winter / holiday season. Sometimes the best way I can think of to say the impressions that come through sound a little predictive, but please remember that this is more in the spirit of “forewarned is forearmed”…ideas to help you make choices, not absolute predictions of what will be.

General Pattern: Two major arcana cards and an ace. It feels like a year of import and change. Particularly the second half of the year: that part feels like a fork in the road. There will be choices to made that have a larger impact farther forward in time than we may realize. True, that may be drawn from a logical extrapolation from the fall elections, but it also feels more tied to policy than personality. Attention may turn, hopefully, to wisdom “best for the most” thinking. There is a feeling that in that Fall/Early Winter era next year, around election time here in the U.S. there will be danger of a ‘cult of personality’ endangering our path…a sort of Tea Party, Ted Cruz sort of energy. Right now the mass of energy, the greater weight is with a rational majority…but it is important to be vigalent. The majority of us need to keep reason in the forefront and keep emotions in check that could sweep the ‘cult of personality’ into greater power causing greater damage. The feeling is “don’t repeat the mistakes of the past”. My personal bias is to say don’t re-elect neo-con or tea party types to avoid debaucles like the Bush adminstration or the more current government shutdown sort of things. But I leave the details of that interpretation up to you. Beware of impulse. Keep your goals and principles in mind rather than get swept up in one person, one brand name. Your judgement is as valid as anyone’s. Your heart, your needs, your feelings are as important as anyones.

SPRING: The chariot in reverse. The energy of compression in this holiday season carries over initially – things happen fast and furious at first. We may get so caught up in the action we forget to pay attention. Things might seem like a blur just when we need to pay the most attention. I often think of this as the “test pilot” card. Stay calm, stay clear. The pressure you feel isn’t pressure on you to perform…it is the pressure of un-needed, extra useless things being pressed away…kind of like play-dough being pressed through and extruder into a new and better shape. The theme of the season is PAY ATTENTION AND LET GO OF OLD, USELESS AND UN-NEEDED THINGS. This is a particularly good year for old fashioned spring cleaning and starting that diet and fitness plan you’ve been trying to do for ages.

SUMMER: Four of Swords. After the season of trimming down (physical weight, stuff-wise, relationships, demands, stressors: whatever it was you unloaded in the spring), there is naturally a season of adaptation. If the spring was the time for stepping on the gas as far as change, the summer is a time for letting off of it. The summer is a time of adaptation to the new state of being. Don’t push too far. Let yourself get used to the new, lighter, free-er you. Be flexible. The pressure of cutting away is done…now it is time to let that new play-dough shape sit, become more solid. Now is the time to figure out your maintainance diet…figure out how to make new changes into a long term lifestyle – to decide what changes to keep, and what to let go. The theme for the season is: ADAPT, GET USED TO THE NEW, ALLOW, PROGRESS NATURALLY.

FALL: Ace of Wands. This feels like a time of creation and creativity. These first three seasons feel very much individual-level work. First in the spring, we cut away the unnecssary extra dead weight to find the original good shape, then in the summer we allow that desired shape/lifestyle to become firm, adapt to it, learn it, rest, allow…but the fall time for harvest. In spring, we planted the seed of change, in summer we let them take full shape, now it the fall it is time to reap the harvest…in other words to really USE the new us, the new lifestyle we’ve created. It is time to make, and be thriving and productive. The mental image here is of a farmer’s market full of every kind of produce, flower, color, taste, sound and smell that you can imagine. The theme is FULLNESS, DIVERSITY, CELEBRATION, CREATIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY. The first half of the year was an engine tune-up. Now things start to hit on all cylendars, especially if we made good choices earlier.

WINTER/ next holidays: Wheel of Fortune. The change, learning and progress to this point seemed very individual, spiritual, mental, and about attitudes as much (or maybe more) than about physical changes, or at least a combination of the two. Now the wheel of change turns on society. This is the card that resonates with the “cult of personality” warning in the beginning of the reading. Now the change process moves outward from the individual to society. The theme is: SOCIAL SEA CHANGE – profound shift in thinking. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but there is a sliver of hope, of light, that America may become more accepting of diversity. Perhaps the trend toward marriage equality in a handful of states will continue to spread. Perhaps (and this is probably BIG personal bias) there will be more acceptance of diverse thinking in the emotional and spiritual real: a little less religiousity, a little more reason, secularism and egalitarianism. The danger of ‘cult of personality’ and a resurgance of the late 90s early 2000s style neo-con movement is greatest here. Awareness can help make choices toward compassion, toward a new way of doing things as a whole. For those who want the religious / neo-con way of things, the change will be a continuation of the flexability and adaptation lesson of the summer – no “social sea change” can be real or long-lasting without realisitically engaging and negotiating with our opposites as a matter of survival. Symbiosis is the order of the day…work together or perish as a social institution. Think of that ‘join or die’ snake flag attributed to Ben Franklin. That lesson is less so for the more liberal/ egalitarian factions as that is the majority, and the trend in my mind’s eye. They are the direction the wheel of change spins this time. The pendulum swings again.

Summary: I see greys and blues, boats, oceans, and dark skies. More hurricanes than last year perhaps. Tropical sense…? Key West. Be safe friends. Give to the Red Cross everyone. So much of the energy seems to surround the latter part of the year…October and after…it feels like a grey industrial magnet. It feels important. It feels like a time to be treated with respect and care. Spring and summer may be sunny and yellow – but the latter half, iron and slate blue. Not threatening, but vital. Like something we all together have to get right, like a crew laying the foundation and steel skeleton of an important building that has to be strong and last hundreds of years. The building of a civilization, like a modern day pyramid – at least symbolically. Beginnings. Foundations. Steel. Tied to weather and cosmos somehow.

I leave it to you to understand those last images for yourself, and how (if) they apply to you.

And there the cycle moves on to the year and seasons beyond, for another time.

Wishing you all love, light, the highest and best for 2014 and beyond.