Q&A: Lovers and the Ace of Cups

Q: What does the combination of the Lovers Card and the Ace of Cups card mean in a tarot reading?

A: This kind of thing is why we use card spreads. The position of a card in a particular layout, and the meaning of that position can give the extra context and understanding needed to answer your question. For example if the Ace of Cups represents the lessons from the past, you might get a different overall message than if the Lovers was in that position. For example, if we interpret the Ace as “inner light” (as Diane Morgan does) and that is a lesson from the past, then the message may be along the lines of using our inner light / spirituality to help achieve dreams and desires.  But switch that. If the lessons from the past is to look at desires and what has been learned from them…the message may be more along the lines of looking at what your desires are doing to your spiritual development…are your desires feeding your inner light or hampering it?

The difference between  the two messages is a bit subtle, but it could mean the difference between giving a good reading, and giving a really masterful one. Or doing a better job for yourself with the reading. The advantage of reading for yourself, these nuances don’t matter quite as much, since the intuition is direct, you know for yourself right off the bat by pure intuition which iteration of the message is right for you.

So the real answer to your question is that it is hard to say what the combination exactly means without knowing the spread / position meanings used, and what other cards may have been involved. Those things are very helpful in considering any single card within a reading, and even more so if you are looking at the combination of cards.

That’s also why I used to charge more than a per-card rate for the bigger readings…they are more complex and take more time and effort to interpret than a 1-3 card reading. The more cards, the more inter-relationships  like this…the more skill it takes to read. Goes to show what a bargain the per-card thing really is.

If you were reading for yourself, jot down the questions, what cards you got and their position meanings, I can help you understand the reading better if you like.

Hope this helps a little