Handle With Care – part 1


The inside of someone’s head is a special place. Handle it with care.

A reading reminded me what a real responsibility doing readings really is – even when they are done in the name of fun and entertainment. Yes, readings should be protected the same as any free speech or artistic expression. Censorship is as wrong for readings as it is for any other art form, but there is a line. In other media you can not libel or slander. In pychic readings, the stakes are even higher. Sometimes an offhanded remark, a thoughtless turn of words, or a mindless “schtick” to drum up business can lodge itself in the sitter’s psyche and wreak a little havoc for a while.

Sure, you can argue if the thought niggles it’s way in like that, and pricks for a while, it is for a reason and the off-handed remark was really an important lesson getting through. I agree. Needed lessons and messages do have a way of finding their way through, no matter what the sitter OR the psychic may or may not do.

My point is why swat a fly with bazooka when a rolled up newspaper will do?

There is a real karmic responsibility to doing readings for other people. That responsibility grows exponentially if you add the energy load of charging a fee. Money is energy. The exchange should be fair. If we are going to benefit financially from the reading, our clients should benefit not only from our expereince and skill with putting intuition into words, they should also benefit from every bit of thoughtfulness and every ounce of compassion we can muster. I believe psychic and Tarot readers should approach readings with much of the same ethos of a doctor or a minister. In many ways, a good reading really is healing with words. We work with matters of heart, emotion and spirit, just as other spiritual leaders do.  We should “never be cruel or cowardly” as Steven Moffat wrote it. Psychic readers are the Priestesses and Healers of another tradition, and should act as such.

Those who deliberately do this kind of work only for money or to defraud vulnerable people  diminish us all, readers and sitters alike. We psychics are a diverse group, and not everyone is out just to make a quick buck, those who are the proverbal bad apples.  We all know what bad apples do. Mostly, they stink.

The person in that recent reading had been frustrated for years by what was clearly a canned, off-hand, goofy line by a storefront psychic in a big city. She knew, on some level, the message was off. I really hope that now she will be able to embrace the real message of empowerment that a repeating card was bringing. I’m glad for the whole situation, because it was a reminder that it can be all to easy to get undersomeone’s skin and cause undue worry. Hearts and minds should always be handled with care.