Handle With Care – Part 2

“It takes two to tango”

“There are two sides to every coin”

Both adages are true when it comes to any kind of psychic reading (they are all basically the same – whether you use tarot cards, palm lines, tea leaves or just sit there – it’s all still human intuition at work). Both the person doing the reading AND the person getting the reading have a role to play.

The person giving the reading, as we talked about in part 1, is the leader in this situation. At the same time, the person getting the reading is not at all passive. If they check out mentally, and just absorb what is said without a single thought…then bad things can still happen – even with the most skilled, compassionate reader in the world.

Psychic readings are not an exact science. As I see it “exact” has no place in it at all. There is no yardstick, no basis for comparison to define “exact” or “accurate”…the reality that unfolds is the result of two things: the choices the person makes, and that persons deep interconnection with other people’s choices. Like the movie “The Big Lebowski” said…life is short and complicated. Sometimes, our intuition can show the most likely way things are headed. With all the choices and intersections in the web of life, with all the many possibilities, it is incalculably hard to pick out the precise thread of probability. But it stands to reason that if both people in the reading are working on finding that best path, you’ve doubled your likelihood of finding it.

Which begs the question, what is the task of the sitter? What are the responsibilities of the person who wants a psychic reading?

As I see it the sitter has one important task: Be true to yourself. Follow your own heart and intuition first, foremost, always and above all.

The first time you do that is when you pick a psychic for your reading. Sometimes at parties or carnivals or what have you, you don’t get to pick the reader, only to get the reading. If that is the case, you have to be doubly  on guard. But if you get to make your choice, it’s your first chance to protect that precious space within yourself…to handle your heart and mind with care. It’s not an easy thing. In my experience, few psychics give any sense of how they work. I blame that entirely on the blurred lines between church and state that unfortunately exists, especially here in the U.S., along with a prevailing religious bigotry. I know that seems harsh, but it is the clearest way to explain it – psychics and readers have essentially been driven underground to avoid both overt bigotry, and the subtle energy hatred that is often leveled at them by intolerant factions. Add to that the care they have to take to navigate restrictive “blue laws” that still exist…it’s no wonder that a good psychic is hard to find.

It is just that difficulty that makes the sitter’s job hard. Without tangible information to work with, following your instincts about what and whose advice to follow is all the more important.

Going back to the example in part 1 , the person I spoke with had been essentially flagged down by a “storefront psychic” and told something SO stereotypical, and SO cliché, it would have been hilarious except for one thing…that comment worried and frustrated this person for years. She told me that at the time, she thought it was nonsense. Listening to that instinct would have saved her a lot of time, heartache and frustration. But as it turns out,  she was true to herself in another way…she is innately a very courageous person, who wants to put due diligence into her spiritual growth. With all good intentions she did everything in her power to learn from that off-handed comment. And through her persistence, she came back around to the same place of self-confidence, personal power, and proper boundaries as if she’d ignored the silly advice in the first place. By the long road, or by the short road, it was being true to herself that protected her from the questionable psychic’s ridiculous comment.

Psychic readings are a workout for your own instinct and intuition. If a reading or a situation doesn’t feel right for you, it isn’t. That does not mean the psychic has bad intentions, is criminal or incompetant…they are just operation at different wavelength then you are, perhaps. Different psychics all have different personality styles, different strengths and specialties. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all exercise. We try to do the best reading we can for everyone who hires us for a reading (or most of us, anyway). But to get the absolute best results from your reading, be true to yourself, and follow your heart. There is no shame in dismissing a reading as irrelevant. If it doesn’t fit, then it doesn’t…no problem. The problem is leaving it at that. If your hunch is that you want or need a reading, and you get one that is all wonky and wrong…be true to yourself and try again. If you are looking at websites or magazine ads and the psychics you find seem off and wrong…trust that and keep looking. That is one of the points of trust in all of this for both readers and sitters. Readers trust in the “process” that allows the messages to come through, and trust that the message will help the sitter in some way, at some point in time. We trust that the right sitters for the kind of message we transmit will find their way to us. Sitters must trust their own intuition and instincts for the very best lesson to get through, no matter who does their reading. Like we said before, sitters trust readers to handle their hearts and minds with care. Here, we see readers must trust sitters to use their judgment, to follow their heart, use what is right in a reading and let go of what isn’t. Readers need sitters to handle the reading process with as much care and attention as we do.

It takes two to tango…and do a good intuitive reading.