More Fun and Games with the yes/no reading


Readings can be really profound, wonderful things. I can’t begin to describe the honor and emotion of the experience when a truly important message is given – and heard.  The feeling is even more awe-inspiring and beyond words when spirit guides get involved. To say it is an honor to meet them is an understatement.

I tend to get so caught up in ranting about Tarot’s occult, “evil”, fortune-telling, future-predicting pop culture reputation that I forget about the fun side. It’s about grins and chuckles too. Tarot cards started out as a card game. It is still a light, tongue-in-cheek, diversion.

In Eastern thought, the wisest sage is said to be like a mirror – reflecting the best of you and what you already know right back to you. Tarot is like that. Remember the mirror of Erisid from the first Harry Potter movie? Tarot is like that, except instead of reflecting your deepest desires, it reflects what you most need to know filtered through your expectations. You want oogie boogie horror movie? Tarot can do that. Looking for a laugh? You got it. Looking for real spiritual guidance and life-learning? You got that too.

Divination and oracles are part of life and human experience, and as such, they can at times mirror the whole thing … from the ridiculous to the sublime, but most especially the happiness and fun. The very first card, the Fool, reminds us of that.

And the best Tarot spread for fun and games, in my opinion, is the good old “yes / no”. Just ask the Magic 8 ball folks and all those schoolgirls out there with folded paper “fortune tellers”.

To prove the point: The first person to send me a question – any question – with the form below, will get a FREE yes/no reading (email reply and anonymous version posted in the blog). I promise you one thing about the answer – you can’t take it seriously in any way, shape or form.