Happy Super Groundhog Puppy Bowl Day


Wish I could be announcing a free reading winner from the monthly contest, but my inbox has been precisely empty of entries for two contest cycles (this one and the one before the holidays) sooo…

I can take a hint. Bye Bye contest.  Instead, I’m giving the FREE to everyone, all the time. Please visit the  “ASK THE EXPERT” page. Anyone can send a general interest question, to be answered as a Q&A blog post (your identity and privacy will be protected, of course). It can be about Tarot cards, cartomancy, psychics, intuition development, oracles, spirituality, or any related kind of thing. I also do free ask the expert questions about holistic health, reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, and stress management over on rondasnow.com

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I have no stinking clue. I don’t follow the nfl, unless and until the Steelers are in the playoffs. So this guess is, for better or worse, is completely objective.

Remember the stare-at-the-team-logo exercise? (Read it HERE) Tried it, and got Seahawks by 3 or a little more…close game.

Did a three card yes/no reading: Will the Seahawks win the Super Bowl tomorrow? …maybe, leaning NO – Ace of Coins, 4 of wands, Death…don’t sweat it Seahawks. The plane ride should be fine…maybe if this game does tank, it will prompt the change that helps you all win the whole shootin’ match next time. (Read more about the Death card HERE, HERE, and HERE)

So mixed news this year – good for both sides. Guess the only way to know is to watch the game. Don’t forget to exercise your intution as the game goes on. Makes it more fun, but not as fun as the commercials.

My only other guess is that Punxatawny Phil will win the Puppy Bowl. Maybe.

On that note: Let’s Go Pens!