Elemental – revisit

Just ordered a “sigil mug” from oakmossandcardamom.com. A sigil is a symbol derived from putting a key word over top of a “magic square” (a grid with numbers that have some mathmatical association…think sodoku). They are just enchanting, handmade works of art. Adana, the mug’s creator, crafts a sigil with the intent of it helping you attract or manifest something in your life. The idea is sound. Use your mug, and it can “activate the sigil”,or, if you prefer, focus your mind on your goal, which in turn energizes your intent and helps you move toward that goal. There is so much symbolism in doing that with a cup. An empty cup can be filled, so using your cup echos the notion of your need being met, your cup being filled both literally and figuratively.  Water, and the suite of cups in Tarot are both associated with intuition, which in turn plays a big role in imagination, manifestation, and attraction. In this case the mug connects your intent (the sigil) with the physical world (the cup itself) with your physical self and your individual physical reality (the act of drinking from the cup). Beautiful symbolism. In honor of my sigil mug being created, here is a cups inspired post from the archives.


Spent the weekend at the waterpark with my family.  There isn’t anything better in my book than spending some time around water…big water, like a beach or even an indoor waterpark like this one (not to harp on the vampire theme, but my family is so sun sensitive they’d probably POOF into a pile of ashes like a vampire if they get too much sun, so indoor water and pools are perfect for us!)

Did you know that each of the suites of the Tarot deck minor arcana has an association with a particular ‘classic’ element…not the hydrogen to uranium type we all learned in high school chemistry, but the ancient alchemical elements of earth, air, fire, and of course, water. (There is a fifth element in some schools of thought…ether, or spirit. I don’t know if it is official, but I personally associate that with the major arcana).

Cups is the suite of water, and my personal favorite. So much symbolism. And, water is associated with intuition, so it is easy to see why I’d resonate with that element in particular.

If you are working to develop your intuition, or need to gain some sort of insight, or do any sort of creative work, I suggest getting around water to inspire that insight.

I think a hot tub (bath or jacuzzi) is the cure for writer’s block. I used to live near a river. Gazing at moonlight on the water through the trees is my favorite connection with nature. I miss it, and always try to get near natural water at some point during the year for a little ‘recharge’.

I highly recommend it. If water isn’t your natural element, follow your instincts and you’ll find your element and card suite. What makes you feel better, comforted, re-energized and inspired? Gazing at a crackling fireplace? A strong breeze on a mountain top? Cool soil of a garden? This kind of connection is very ancient, visceral, wordless. You’ll feel it, and believe it before you intellectually know it. Once you know your element, you may find a card suite that is your special inspiration. Cups are water, Swords are air, Coins are earth, and Wands are fire (Source: “Animal-Wise Tarot” by Ted Andrews, Dragonhawk Publishing, 2007 )