Q&A: Will I Find Love This Year?


Q: Will I find love this year?

A: This isn’t the answer you want to hear, but it is the only one that I can honestly give. Try to set aside emotion and follow the logic of this, if you can

If you read posts from the archives about predictions, you’ll get a sense why I think predictions about romance are not just impossible, but harmful. I won’t predict if you’ll begin a romantic relationship this year…that is up to you, and the other person to decide and do.

I want to point out two things about your simple, well-intentioned question. This is kind of advanced stuff, but I think that deep down you already know this…

First of all, Tarot isn’t about predictions. Tarot is about opening your mind to all the possibilities. Tarot is about finding new options and new ideas. Tarot is about inspiring you and empowering you. Tarot is never ever about trapping your mind and your heart with lame predictions, no matter how “accurate” they may turn out to be. Allowing yourself to go off on unexpected tangents is often times a treasure. Having the freedom to make those choices is precious. If I give a yes-or-no answer to your question it will, even on a subconscious level, lock you into one way of thinking, a particular feeling, or some expectation. It narrows your view, and might make you miss the exact opportunity that was predicted. It might inadvertantly close you to a wonderful experience just because it doesn’t look exactly like what the prediction caused you to expect.

Second of all, the answer to this question is always no. You don’t find love in the future – you only ever find it right here, right now. If you walk around with your head in the future, then how can there be love now…for another person OR for yourself? It is a spiritual law that like attracts like. Would you want to be with a person whose mind and heart is in the future worrying if this is THE relationship, or would you rather be with someone who is happy, content, and able to focus on the relationship as it is, right here, right now? If you answered the second one…then BE that for yourself right here, right now. Be happy, be content, learn to love who you are and the life you have. This kind of mindfullness will draw someone wonderful to you like a magnet. And when they get to you, then you will be ready to savor every moment of your good times together, no matter where things wind up in the long run. See the difference?

I know you weren’t expecting such a complicated answer to such a simple question. But it is an important question. Love is always important. You deserve it, especially from yourself, which is a wonderful place to begin your journey toward love and romance.