What Kind of Psychic are You? via @Joy_Star


Friend and Mentor Joy Star wrote a lovely and fascinating post “What Kind of Psychic Are You?”. At first I thought it was one of those quizzes, like the ones that sort you into your Hogwarts House, or tell you what Game of Thrones character you most resemble (I’m claiming Ygritte, even without a quiz. I’ve been kissed by Miss Clairol fire and actually for really real hang out with my very own Jon Snow every day…OXOXOX luv ya hubster).

In case you are wondering…it isn’t a quiz. Just thoughts about why there are ‘types’ even if they aren’t really classified. If you feel motivated enough to make a quiz like that…be my guest.

As I see it, there are vague and broad schools of thought in intuitive work. Some people are caught up in the idea of predictions, others of us (myself included) see predictions as well, less than helpful. Some readers are more flamboyant. Others (I put myself here, too) are very down-to-earth and no-drama. Some psychics are drawn to Tarot, others to Runes, still others to scrying, or palm lines or just cold readings. Some require certain beliefs and regular appointments from their clients. Others (like me) simply trust the client to apply the message that is given in their own time, in their own way, and as needed. I think respecting the sitters path, choices and judgement is important. How can we be healers, how can earn respect if we don’t give respect first? How can we read with compassion and dignity if we don’t act with compassion and treat our clients with dignity?

I think Joy hit the bullseye when she postulates that we each give the kind of reading we want to get. I want principles that I can apply not some canned answer that just applies now. I want big picture guidance, not canned answers and brainless predictions. If psychic readings were cars, I’d want to look under the hood and kick the tires and drive a test track like Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, not tool around Beverly Hills making whatever turns the GPS says like a blond heiress in a convertible. But that’s just me.

But that is what you can expect if you come to me for a reading. Meat and potatoes, not whipped cream. Exercises from an olympic coach, not empty promises of the latest get-skinny-quick gizmo on HSN. My readings engage you…not preach at you. I ask you to take part, work with me, add your own understanding, think a little – not just accept the reading hook line and sinker.

When I want a reading, I want something powerful, that teaches, and heals and inspires. So that’s what I give. Empty platitudes give me a rash (figuratively speaking), so I never, ever give them.

I am, at heart a Taoist who values honesty, authenticity, simplicity and compassion above all else. That is what I want my experience of a reading to be, no matter whether I’m getting it or giving it.

That’s the kind of psychic I am. What kind of psychic do you want to read for you?