Wheel of Fortune

Pay attention to this part “…the true process of creation is embedded with blind alleys and unexpected turns. It is these unexpected events, these seemingly random blips in our travel plans, that serve as tools of manifestation.”… this speaks to why I give predictions a wide berth. The unexpected, the blind alley, the trial and error that are part of manifestation are part of learning, growing, living, learning from failure. Predictions rob of us these vital experiences whether they are “accurate” or not. That is part of the kind of psychic that I am too…

I am the minister of myself

Manifestation is far from being a static, predictable process. The journey of creating our desired outcome is fluid and ever changing, with many shifts and turns, twists and surprises.

We do best when we allow the dynamic nature of manifestation to unfold as it will, in a myriad of ways. All too often we set such an intense focus on our desired outcome that we will attempt to force the process to move in a given direction, the direction that we expect it to take.

The truth is, if our desired outcome unfolded exactly as we expected it to, we would have no need for the journey toward our goals. Manifestation would be an instant process, occurring at the snap of a finger or the blink of an eye, tantamount to asking a genie to grant a wish. However, the true process of creation is embedded with blind alleys and…

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