Q&A: What do I need to know about Love


Q. What do I need to know about love over the next several months?

A: To start with some foundation basics, I’ve written a couple of pages about this on my website. If you go to “How to Find Your Soulmate” and that will give you some general ideas that apply to any sort of love relationships, “soulmates”, dating, or just social companionship.

Also take a look at “A Word About Relationship Readings” because it gives you the important things to remember about psychic Tarot readings and love / relationships.

Long story short: Predictions are the wrong thing to do, even if they were possible, out of respect for the privacy and dignity of the other person involved.

The future is not the place to look for love – the only real place to find live is right here, right now, right in your own heart. The best way to attract a good realtionship into your life is to live a life that someone else would want to share: be happy now. Enjoy life now. Love yourself. Happy, content, self-confident people are much more attractive than those who have thier heart and mind in the future focused on some vague notion of a future realationship.

Attraction and manifestation work best when they are positive and present-tense. Keeping your mind and heart here-and-now will attract love to the here-and-now. Think of the future, and that is where Love will stay, always in the future. This is a basic concept that applies to everyone.

Let’s pull a one card meditation to see if any other ideas come to mind for you as an individual:

After 7 shuffles, your card is <b>The Empress</b> meaning beauty, nature, fresh start, new beginning…a sort of “springtime” feel. The idea is very much in keeping with the basics we were just talking about. “Live life to the very fullest” comes to mind. Are there any outdoor sports that you particularly like to do? Skiing, boating, hiking…anything that connects you both to Naturea and to other people? The feeling is that your best chance of attracting the love you want is to be around people who share your love for some thing or another…art, music, anything. “You will find the one who loves you among the things you love most already” is the feeling here. There is a feeling of something rich, sumptuous or cultural here…an art gallery event, a ski lodge, a community gathering…perhaps something with drinks and food.

The colors gold and red come to mind. Marble…perhaps something Baroque or Renaissance…a museum or historical landmark, or older building of some kind. Evening dresses and dark colored suits…like something evening and formal. If you have the opportunity to attend something like that, even if it is new for you, it might be a good idea. If you are undecided about going to something like that, err on the side of going rather than staying away for your greatest chance at finding the right path to love.