Tarotbytes: The Magician


The Magician has to do with transformation…making one thing or condition into something else. Transformation is impossible without change. Still, it’s reasonalbe to be concerned about too rash of a change. No one wants to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” as the old adage goes.

I recently read the book “Ender’s Game”. It’s science fiction set in the future about a military academy where part of the training is in zero gravity. Without a solid object to push off of, or some other way to create thrust, being in zero G leaves you pretty much floundering. You need something solid to change your movement.

The same is true with the transformation, manifestation, attraction and magic the Magician card symbolizes. True, change is essential, but so is a solid foundation. Know your root, know your center, know what you want and need to keep in order to change more fearlessly.

Here is another magician image that goes with that. In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” there is a scene where Dumbledor the wizard is fighting off zombie-ish monsters with fire cast in circles around him and Harry. He couldn’t create that swirling, dynamic circle of protection if he was sliding around…he was standing on rock when he did it. Not every single thing has to change when we are working with transformaiton. We need rock underneath our feet in order to create something change around us.


If you feel things aren’t changing the way you want, check your anhor. What do you need to be solid before you can make your zero-G direction change? What is the rock underneath your feet as you cast your Magician’s spell of protection or attraction or change?