Reading Glasses

I’ve been thinking about Joy’s “Types of psychics” post the other day. Her posts are like that sometimes. It’s kind of like an intellectual lollipop, where you savor it for a while and it slowly shows the deeper, equally tasty layers. Which is her premise proving itself true…we tend to give the kind of readings that we would want to get. I like readings with some depth, that challenge my comfort zone, give me a little nudge. I think that idea extends to many other things. Everybody loves the echo chamber – so we naturally gravitate toward psychics, books, blog posts, you-name-it that resonate with our world view.

That world view of ours tends to go through a particular lens…or set of lenses. That premise, that foundation, that lens through which we view the world is the same lens through which we read cards for our clients. Our life philosophy is our reading glasses.

My reading glasses have more facets than a kaleidoscope compared to others, but that comes in really handy if you ask me. It makes it easier to find some sort of analogy or pop culture reference to communicate whatever message intuition tosses at a reading.

The biggest facet in my life-lens is Taoism. The “jewels” of Taoist philosophy include honesty, authenticity (“WYSIWYG” – what you see is what you get), compassion and simplicity. That’s why I feel most comfortable and confident with readings that are simple, no-drama, down-to-earth, and kind. Analogies are where it’s at. Those kinds of comparisons, in my opinion, communicate concepts and subtle meanings efficiently. So that’s the kind of readings I get AND give: simple, clear, kind with lots of analogies.

Which is why it is important to be up front about who we are as readers…so people like us can find us. Being self-aware, learning, growing…it is important for psychics as individuals, but also an important service for our clients.

Who knew – Socrates was giving psychic Tarot advice when he said to “Know Thyself”. Knowing our lens, we can better read for others. In this case, reading glasses aren’t a bad thing, not one bit.