Tarot and the Tardis

I love Doctor Who. I love that my daughter and I have Doctor Who in common. The 50th anniversary back in November was practically a holiday at our house. As any Whovian knows, one of the key parts of the show is the TARDIS (space ship / time travel machine that looks like a blue police phone booth and is bigger on the inside)

The bigger on the inside thing is the part that is relevant to Tarot.

Tarot should make things bigger, not smaller.

Tarot is supposed to free your mind, to help you get ideas, touch inner wisdom that you didn’t know (or forgot) that you have.

REAL Tarot helps you be bigger on the inside.

That’s why I choose not to work with predictions. If possibilities, probabilities or a nudge in one direction or another comes up in a reading, sure, I’ll give that to you. That’s my job as “channel” or “message-bringer”…I just give it as I get it. What importance the message has is for you to decide. That’s your part in a reading. But it isn’t anyone’s job to predict the future. First of all it’s impossible.

This is MODERN Oracle Tarot, after all. I view Tarot through the lens of modern science and reason. The two do co-exist nicely, especially if things like quantum entanglement and many worlds theory hold true. Anything is possible. All possible futures co-exist out there. It isn’t for me to predict which direction in the time-space continuum you will choose to take your consciousness. That’s up to you. Tarot just shows what directions are most open to you, and which ones might be the better choice. Tarot, like the Tardis, is your peek at the bigger picture.

Predictions make things smaller…they block off all sorts of wonderful possibilities. Predictions deny all the other things that could potentially be. That diminishes hope. That diminishes wonder. I can’t bring myself to do that, even though the money would be nice. It is more important to do right by the people I read for. It is more important to follow my own heart, my own integrity. That is the path I’ve chosen out of the great wide wonder of it all.

I choose Tarot that is like a Tardis – Tarot that makes things bigger. That is the kind of Tarot that I offer to you, too.

I want to live bigger on the inside. Do you?