Tarotbytes – 8 of cups



Meditation can seem like a paradox.

If you are quiet on the inside, outside distractions aren’t so distracting. Yet, how do you get quiet on the inside when there is so much outside noise in life?

Meditation is a little like instant coffee. One little teaspoon of powder touches the entire mug full of water turning it into fragrant, tasty goodness.

If you create just a teaspoon of quiet – what ever works to quiet your mind – it can seep into the rest of your life, which makes more inner quiet, which makes more meditation, which makes more mental quiet… it’s a peaceful cycle instead of a vicious one.

A ball rolling down a hill doesn’t stop on it’s own, so it does take a little bit of energy and effort to stop it. When you are trying to stop a ball from rolling downhill you don’t push it harder downhill. If you need to balance all the work and trying in your life, you don’t work and try hard at meditation. In meditation, working smarter, not harder is the best rule of thumb.


Striving and trying just gets in the way. Therein lies the paradox of meditaiton. It’s gets very Yoda at this point …”do or do not, there is not try” . The trick is finding the right meditation style for your personality and lifestyle. It might be tai chi or yoga instead of stitting still. It might be drawing, writing in a journal, or it just might be classic seated Zen or Trancendental meditation. The effort comes in putting on the brakes, not pushing forward. The effort part is carving a few minutes…even 5 or 10 … out of your day to step back, and STOP all the trying, striving and effort. Just stop and just allow the quiet to happen.

The paradox of meditation is that your best effort is to stop trying. The most beautiful noise you can make is silence. The best thing you can do to try meditation is, mentally, nothing at all.



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