Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme


Some things just make me happy.

The Jamaican Bobsled Team is one of them.

Yoda was right there really is no try. What every you do, whatever the result, you are DOing it. Doesn’t matter how it stacks up to other people, it only matters how it stacks up to yourself.

So what if they came in 30th place?  The Jamaicans were bobsledding in the freaking Olympics! What ever happened they were DOing it. They showed up. They were there.

If they can do what they did to show up and sled, I do what I need to do to show up and do what needs done. The beauty of it is the way they do what they do…with happiness, love, grace, intelligence, dignity and fun.

Makes me happy just sharing a planet with those guys.

2014 Bobsled song for free! http://www.bobsledsong.com/

image licensed “free to share and use” per bing.com from transgriot.blogspot.com