Q&A: Giving the Devil (card) His Due


Q: I don’t want to say much, I just want to see what comes up in a general reading. I’ve always been told psychics don’t want to be told much to prove they are really using their gifts rather than making stuff up from what you just told them.

A: Fair enough, ********

That is why I like doing e-mai readings. Not only is typing on keyboard a kind of easy shortcut to intituion for me, it is a reassurance to you that this is all based on intuition, and I’m not getting clues from things you say or nonverbal clues you might give. Here it is as I get it. Up to you if you think it is helpful or not.

I can see why you wanted to get a reading now. There is a sense of urgency here. This is a tough one. I usually try to stay all sweetness and light, but this is not a delicate reading. This might be a tough one to face … but more importantly…try to hear the whole thing. Don’t clamp on to little parts…please, read the whole thing and see the reading as whole…hear ALL the parts and nuances. The balance of it is important. See BOTH the ups and the downs of it, which is part of the Wheel card’s message too.

Lessons from the past: 9 of wands
Where you are now: The Wheel
Next step forward: 10 of Swords
Advice: Judgement
Alternate Direction: The Devil

General Pattern: Three major arcana cards reflects all the energy and change…if you aren’t experiencing it already, be ready for it to come. Energy and change are not always external. Sometimes it is all internal – spiritual growth, personal maturing, personal growth, changing philosophy, making new habits, getting rid of old, all sorts of things. My hunch is that for you it may be a little bit of both, mostly inner learning with some social changes too.

Lessons from the past: I wrote a post about the 9 of Wands here. This card’s traditional meaning is acceptance. meaning the absence of denial. It is seeing things realistically, pragmatically an facing hard truths. You have to admit there is a problem before you can solve it, and that is the crux of the situation here, is my sense of it. There is a feeling it has been a rough road, and it may be hard to admit that old choices may have been wrong ones. It is hard to admit mistakes. But like that credit card commercial says…”If you mess up, fess up.” Scary as it might be, this card’s advice is to accept that things are what they are. If things are good, take care of them. If things aren’t so hot, then you can choose to fix them and do things differently. The first step in that is admitting the truth of the situation – THAT kind of acceptance.

I don’t know if this is literally part of your situation or just a movie/tv/pop culture reference to give you the flavor of the thing – but the feeling here is like an addict. You can’t get help, you can’t get better until you admit the problem exists – even if the problem isn’t you. If you are related to, or somehow involved with someone in active addiction, the same principle applies…the best thing you can do for them, is to get help for you so you can be strong and healthy. And you can’t do what you need to do FOR YOU until you acknowledge the problem exists, too. Make sense?

There is also a sense here of “fell in to the wrong crowd”, where someone (out of youth, inexperiece, lack of knowledge) “rolled over” or “caved” and wound up doing things they’ve come to regret. There is a feeling of remorse and a little bit of being so hard on themselves because of ‘giving in’ ‘being used’ or taken advantage of…all in the past. Right now feels like an important time of decision and a key opportunity to turn things around. I’ll leave it to you to decide if and how that applies to you.

Where you are now: The Wheel. This card has a very urgent feel to it. It feels like it is letting you know that right now is an opportune time to make any changes you need to make…it is a turning point in life, a hub, like an airline hub where you have more choices of where to go with all this.

Next step: 10 of Swords. Diane Morgan reads this card as “trechary and defeat”. Put it together with the wheel and the message is change directions – doing nothing, continuing in this direction will only give you more of the same dissatisfactions and problems. That isn’t to say you are locked into this path forever…you can choose and change at any time, but the feeling is it will be better to act now. Letting things go will make them worse, harder to fix later. I often read this card as making lemonade out of life’s lemons…but things are on the verge of going farther than that. Act to change for the better before you are in a position of making lemonade out of grapefruits, wait too long and you’ll be trying to make lemonade out of chili peppers.

The advice card is less advice and more promise…change is very, very possible. The word that comes to mind here is REDEMPTION and “do the time”. There is no avoiding the consequences of what we have done in the past…but there is every reason to face those consequences honestly…accept they exist…face them realistically (like the 9 of wands above). If you do that then you are free. What comes to mind here is that it may be easier than it seems now… like building up a speeding ticket into something that you dread, rather than just pay your fine and go on with life, just driving safer in the process. Make sense? This card is asking you to face things,realistically deal with them calmly, maturely, and move on, which will set your heart free.

The last card, the Devil, is what I call the “street smarts” card. Here, it asks you to (again, realistically) know the dangers and dark people …this card is our reminder of the evil that exists in the world. In this context if feels like a combination of “watch your back” and “give the Devil his due”. Give him his due by acknowledging the existance of opposition to you, by acknowledging that there are dangerous people doing bad things. Again my mind is drawn to the drug dependence paradigm…when someone gets out of that culture, it might enrage people who want to keep them down, or make other people who are still stuck very, very resentful. Be careful…but don’t let that intimidate you into staying on a destructive path. Be brave. Face your devils and demons – not pretend they aren’t there or accept the path you are on as if you have no choice. The Devils in life are dangerous…get the backup you need…but sometimes they must be faced in order to do the right thing, in order to make your life into what you want it to be. Sometimes the hardest things are the most urgently necessary. “Be a Warrior” comes to mind.

And there the energy steps back, no other impressions given, except a parting “be safe, but be brave”.

I hope this helps.


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