Tarot by E-mail, a reader’s reading – expanded version

Love Books? Love to Read?

Tarot by E-mail is a reader’s reading.


You’ve heard me say this a lot lately, but what does that mean, really?

People learn differently. Some people understand better (and remember more) when they hear something – like a lecture or an audio book. Some people remember better by seeing and reading, like a blog post or traditional post. That’s me. I understand and retain information better from reading than from listening. So, like we’ve talked about before, that is the kind of reading I most like to give as well.

Working by e-mail has advantages for the sitter (the person getting the reading) and for the psychic giving the reading, both. It is all about a better quality reading, and a greater value for you.

As a writer, I’m very comfortable expressing thoughts and ideas through a keyboard. So much so, that working on a computer like this has become an express shortcut to my intuition. Working by e-mail means I can work comfortably at home any time, without travel, making appointments or opening an office, all of which helps me to bring intuition into greater focus. That extra focus gives you a better reading in the end.

For you, there are other advatages too. You don’t have to make an appointment, you can send your email request any time. The reading is very discreet and private, coming right to your email inbox. Even in this day and age, there are situations where it might be difficult or embarrasing to go see a “psychic”. E-mail solves that problem. E-mail readings are fast and affordable. I can do more of them in a day, so getting your reading is quicker than scheduling an in-person reading. I don’t have to drive or maintain an office, so I pass those savings on to you.

The most important advantages are durability and validity. You can save a written reading and go back to it again and again over time, which makes the reading very durable…you can benefit from it over time, not just in one hour. Best of all, you know the reading is the real deal. There is no way you can answer leading questions or give away nonverbal clues that a “psychic” can use to cheat the reading – or you. You know the information is pure intuition, purely spiritual guidance.

Even when we work through e-mail it is still a collaboration. You still are the one to decide if the information is right for you – or not, and decide if when and how to apply what is in the reading. You are always welcome to send a follow up question or as for a clarification. It is still a dialog – just one spread out more in space and time. Putting it in writing – even the electronic kind – makes the spiritual ideas of a reading more tangible, manifested and real.

Author and talented psychic visionary Sally Christensen once told me that a thought is a powerful thing. The spoken word is more powerful still, but the written word is most powerful of all. I believe the printable electronic word has its place in that coalition of words and wisdom.