Project Progress – Q&A


Q: I’m working on a project and I’m hoping it goes well. Any advice for me about this or life in general?

A: Hello ********

After a lucky 7 shuffles, your cards are:

Lesson from the past: The lovers
Where you are now: 4 of swords
Next step forward: The Devil
Advice: 7 of wands
Alternate direction: 8 of wands

General: with two major arcana cards, I get a sense of energy moving in, if it hasn’t started already. Is your project for work or a volunteer group? There is a sense of others…like something where you work on a team, or a project for the community…something on that order. The reading feels less personal or spiritual…it feels like the energy is more shared, external, or directed to the project and your role in it, nothing for your personal life outside the project. The feeling is overall that this is something good and fun and right. Whatever that might bring to mind for you…thank you, atta girl and keep up the good work!

Lessons from the past: Lovers is not the grand romance card that popular culture would have us think. At its core, this card is about desires. In this case, also a bit about the law of attraction and manifestation. The essence it to call to minds desires that have been fulfilled in the past for you, so you can find that same energy to fulfill current desires. That old Disney song “when you wish upon a star” comes to mind here. This card urgently wants to remind you that “dreams really do come true”

The next card, Where you are now, the 4 of swords is about flexibility. This card asks you to be flexible about what “true” really means. “Don’t get too fussy about the details”…dreams come true, but as adults we have learned to see the dream in its many varied forms. Even the intangible and conceptual ones. This is an odd example, but if your dream is a car, it can come true…you just might have to be flexible about make and model. That seems like an odd example, but you get the idea about the kind of flexibility it is meaning.

Don’t panic about the Devil card. It is your “next step forward’ card…but it is more mental than any actual physical danger, by a long shot. You may have to stand your ground…stand up to someone who opposes you to get your project done…but the word “insist” comes to mind more than anything really bad. Have you ever had problems being assertive or standing up for yourself, your projects, or even for other people? If you have, you’ll have to reach deep and find the ability to be assertive in a positive (not angry or confrontive) way. If you do well at that kind of thing…then others will need you to apply that talent! “Stand up for yourself” is the feeling…are you familiar with Harry Potter? This card feels like the Bogart in the wardrobe. Stand up to it, and the mental image is that the Devil that seems big will become tiny and run away, albeit squeeking and complaining the whole way. There is a feeling here of a bigoted, small minded, petty person trying to interfere with you or your project. Shoo them away.

The advice card will help you bring your project(s) to success. The 7 of wands is about potential. See the potenital, “keep your eyes on the prize” as they say. Remember the dream you are working to make true. Seeing the potential in everything will let you find the resources you need to make your dreams come true and ward off any opposition.

The alternate direction card actually feels more like another advice card…I would read that to mean that you are on a good path, headed in a good direction. The advice the 8 of wands (in reverse) has for you is to work within your means. This works in tandem with the flexibility the 4 of swords spoke of before. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” as the adage goes. The world may not be your oyester right now…but it might just be a hearty bowl of clam chowder. It may not be perfect, but “good enough” is more than possible. Make sense?

When I open to any further messages, the energy begins to step back. There is a sense of gilt…a golden color that isn’t gold itself…maybe a reflection of that adapt, work within your means feeling…like why use real gold plate when gilt paint is good enough? Now there is a sense of strong, hardwood. LIke it would be better to build something strong and sturdy, and only paint it gold, rather than put real gold leaf on balsa wood.

I think the message there is pay attention to the heart of the matter. Opt for deep qualtiy rather than superficial beauty. Dreams come true. Stand up for yourself. All will be well.