Not so Foolish Innocence


“The Fool”, first card in the major arcana, is one of the cards most affected by time and cultural change.

It reminds us of a harsher time, when social blunders, and people with intellectual challenges were a source of laughter and entertainment. I’m guessing that is part of where the idea of “fun” and the idiom “make fun of” began. Over time, the word fool has become more true to it’s dark heart. We equate “fool” with poor judgement, with the word “foolish”. It isn’t so lighthearted a word, which is a good thing. Hopefully we don’t get our mirth at other people’s expense quite as much these days.

My sense of it is that the card inherited the other half of the old court jester…the entertainer part, the truly lighthearted part. Some decks do use the name “innocent” rather than “fool”. Good call.

The innocent card is a good one for spring. It speaks of new beginnings, and the lighthearted start to a journey. The beginning of anything holds its greatest potential. At the beginning of a trip, you can choose to go any direction at all. The farther you go, the more limited your options can become…it takes more work to go the opposite way. At the beginning is where any journey or project will have the least mistakes, regrets and baggage. The start really is fresh.

The up side to that is you mostly take your start-point with you. It is all relative. Sure your options to getting to “point B” are different from each different “point A”. Getting to your goal is different from different beginning points. Luckily each new day is a new beginning point. If we are lucky, with each new day each new start, the distance between point A and point B gets a little shorter. If not, hopefully it will ¬†at least get a little clearer to see.


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