Fate – Carl Jung style


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Carl Jungs career began over 100 years ago. “Psychology of the Unconscious” was first published in 1912. Still, compared to the origens of Tarot and other ancient oracles, Jung’s work is thoroughly modern.

While I’m by no means expert in Jung or psychothereapy, I can see a parallel between this quote and Tarot, “Modern Oracle” style.

Aside from the obvious, where choice is more powerful than prediction, this quote hints at something even more powerful (and empowering) about Tarot.

Tarot doesn’t predict your fate – it frees you from it.

Tarot readings and other intuitive work – be it on your own or working with a “psychic” – is exactly the process Jung speaks of here. Working with intuition and symbolism in a direct, deliberate, mindful, way like this is making the unconscious conscious. It brings the subtle to our full attention. By making the unconscious conscious, prediction-free Tarot can liberate you from so-called “fate”. In a real way, intuitive work like this is a tool to help set your mind – and you – free.

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