Tarot Through the Fourth Dimension

So how cool is that new proof of cosmic inflation? Have you been following the buzz? As I understand it, it points toward confirmation of a multiverse and takes a big step toward unified theory – an understanding that encompasses both quantum theory and relativity.

While it may not be pure science, it is kind of good news for those of us who take a non-predictive approach to Tarot. While it certainly isn’t proof, or even a real relationship, it is a nice parallel and allegory for the power of choice. Choose this…and that universe / future unfolds for you. Choose that and another future/universe unfolds. Nice conceptual model if nothing else. Higgs bosons, dark energy, now gravitational evidence for Big Bang and faster-than-light inflation…what a time to be alive! 😀


A tarot reader can’t be in to hard science?

That is the “modern” in “Modern Oracle” ladies and gentlemen. I really do believe that science and psychics, secular and spiritual are all cut from the same cloth. Logic and intuition are just two different aspects the same brain function, two different facets of the same diamond, different paths to the same enlightenment. Excluding religion, which is an utter separate and unrelated discussion, ancient wisdom and current scientific method are not incompatible. Humans have existed and evolved in the same universe and the same matrix of conditions since the beginning of life on Earth. Early on in history, we didn’t have the language to express truth in terms of bosons and black holes. We had to rely purely on the intuitive side of things and spiritual language. In a way, when science and spirituality dismiss each other, it is like trying to learn two languages without a translator, or without a Rosetta Stone. We could be arguing over two names for the same thing and not even realize it.

This is just my opinion, but I think the real gap that exists between science and oracles like Tarot comes from two things. First, is art. Art is something emotionally evocative that exists unto itself, for no other purpose except to be art. Tarot is as much art as science. But, as Cosmos teaches us…art and science can mingle in   beauty. The problem of the art/science dichotomy lies in trying to “prove” psychic ability in terms of pure, reductive data while discounting the emotional and artistic aspects. 

The second problem is time. I don’t know why, maybe it is just where they are and what they need, but many people still cling to the notion of predicting the future with Tarot cards. If Tarot connects to Time anywhere it is HERE and NOW…not the future, not the past…the connections to those are thin threads. The connection to Now is a big gaping window. If we understand now, then we can glimpse the connections to the past, maybe glimpse where things are going, and certainly see what can be done now to nudge things in a hoped-for direction. 

Time and space are tied. Time truly is a fourth dimension. Tarot is a window to that dimension of time, but only where it intersects with here – which is now. Tarot is about helping you to find what you can do now that will help you navigate the multiverse of time and possibility. It is about what you can do now to draw closer to the kind of future you want to find.