Tarotbytes – The Hermit


When was the last time you were alone, truely alone with your thoughts? When have you been alone outdoors? For those who live in the country, it might happen all the time Рbut do you ever deliberately think about it, use it to meditate or decide something big and important? For those of us who live in the city or suburbs, it can be a rare Рand very powerful Рthing to experience. If the Hermit comes to you in a reading, you might want to consider some actual, literal, real-world time alone with your thoughts. 

This card is of the major arcana for a reason. Being alone and deliberatly facing our inner thoughts takes a certain kind of courage. It takes courage to honestly look at your self in the inner mirror, look yourself straight in the inner eye and deal with yourself in the raw, honest way that time alone demands Рbe it a walk in the woods or 20 minutes in a room meditating.

If you spent some time Nature alone, would you like the company you keep?